How to Cook a Haggis

How to cook haggis

How to Cook a Haggis

McKean’s has listed their recommendations below to dispel the myths surrounding the “Cooking of a Haggis”. You don’t want your finest Scottish fare to end up being a flop at the end of its journey. This is after all about the care and attention you put into it!

It is worth noting that in there are many members of “The McKean Family of Haggis” which have a number of differing applications. To begin our Cooking Series we show you the simmering method which is applicable to all our natural casing haggis.

  • Remember to defrost the Haggis first!
  • Bring a pan of water to a boil.
  • Place the haggis in the boiling water. Make sure you now turn the heat down – it is important that the water is not allowed to boil for a second time as this can result in the casings bursting. Therefore SIMMER ONLY. ( A number of our haggis are provided in a “Cook-In bag” to reduce the likelihood of the casing bursting ).
  • Allow the Haggis to Simmer. We have provided a “Cooking Table” at the bottom of the page which advises the length of time the Haggis should be allowed to simmer which is dependent on the size of the haggis being cooked.
  • The Haggis is now ready for “plating”. It is now ready for cutting open – however, there’s only one thing missing………
  • ………….that’s right – “neeps an’ tatties” ( ie. mashed turnip and creamed potatoes!). (For best results, serve on a piping hot plate).

How to Cook a One Pound Haggis

OVEN: Remove the haggis from their outer shrink-wrap packaging and preheat your oven to 350°F. Do not cut the casing. In a loaf pan, place the thawed haggis and add one inch of water. Make a steam bath for the haggis by covering the loaf pan with aluminum foil. When the temperature rises, the steam will keep the haggis moist, prevent it from bursting, and allow it to expand slowly. Thawing haggis can be accomplished by placing the sealed haggis pan in the oven for 45 minutes. If the haggis is frozen, the time should be increased to one hour.

CROCK POT or SLOW COOKER: Using a crock pot or slow cooker, remove the haggis from both its outer plastic packaging and its casing. If frozen, heat on HIGH for one hour or 45 minutes if thawed. Keep stirring the haggis every 15 minutes or so to prevent it from drying out. When you are ready to serve, turn the slow cooker to WARM and add the tatties and neeps. When heating haggis for a crowd, a crock pot is a great choice – just stir it often to keep the outside edges and bottom from drying out.

Since 1850, McKean’s has supplied the best Scottish Haggis. Our haggis is made from wholesome ingredients, including locally sourced Scottish oats and barley.

The McKean’s company prides itself on providing high-quality products consistently. As a successful family business, they understand that quality cannot be bought, so they place a tremendous amount of importance on customer satisfaction to maintain our reputation. The combination of our dedication to customer service ensures that you will keep coming back for more of McKean’s great products!